written by Inès El Adib et Zeyna Rami

In December 2019, we, the Lycée Regnault ‘Muners’, attended the sixth annual TMUN conference as delegates or ambassadors of Norway, Egypt, Singapore & Spain. The topic was expanding maritime trade and the conference was divided in several committees we were in (Special Political, Environmental, International Court of Justice, ECOSOC, International maritime organization and Security Council) with their own subtopics related to the main one.

This was our second participation to the American School of Tangier’s Model United Nations conference, held in both the Hilton and Hilton Garden Hill hotels. On December the 13th, the Opening Ceremony, also known as the General Assembly, took place.

We were all very excited at the idea of this conference starting, especially since it was the first for most of our newer delegates.

First, the Secretary General and the President of the General Assembly gave speeches about their personal experiences in the MUN world. Then, the director of TMUN as well, as the headmistress of AST, talked about the struggle of organizing the first conferences, but also greeted us, welcomed us, and expressed their pride and their hopes for this sixth conference, as well as putting all their trust in us to have fruitful debates. Subsequently, the General Assembly really began with the appearance of a special guest who talked about maritime trade, and more specifically about the new technologies used for alternate eco-friendly fuels and ship tracking (fascinating!). After hearing all those speeches (for 3 hours!) and presentations, it was finally our time to shine. Indeed, it was time for… *drum roll* …more speeches (ours this time)!

We started the ambassador’s speeches with the fabulous Malika Mikou, Ambassador of Egypt. She did a great job. Next up, our very own Inès El Adib, a.k.a Norway. The assembly was also blessed with the beautiful words of Rania Echadaddi, Spain, and Yasmine Hedhiri, Singapore. Talk about girl power! All the delegates and our wonderful advisors (shout out to Mrs. Grandjean, Mrs. Benyebdri and our little Yara) were very proud to hear us all talk and participate in the conference whether in speeches or points of information (questions). Overall, it was a great opening ceremony even with its disturbing length but finally the moment we were all waiting for… *drum roll again* …dinner (!) with the amazing buffet that was waiting for us!

But the party had just begun. In fact, the real fun was on the second day which was when the committee’s sessions took place.

The Special Political Committee

The International Maritime Organization Committee

There, we were all dispatched in our respective UN organs and that was the beginning of a long day of debate. We are very proud to say that the ‘Regnault Muners’ were very productive in debate and passed a lot of resolutions aiming to defend their countries, while finding ways to expand maritime trade globally in a sustainable way. We were also able to meet new people from all around Morocco and make new friends! At the end of this second day, all committees had their own full resolution paper made and voted by all the delegates that clearly stated solutions to their topic.

But after all that hard work, we deserved a little reward, right? So, on Saturday night, the social took place at the American School of Tangier and we partied all night long (soberly and under the supervision of responsible adults).

It was with difficulty that we woke up the next day at 7am on a Sunday for our last day of conference… “So soon?” you may be wondering, but don’t you know good things never last? It was time for farewell and the closing ceremony (which was just as long as the opening one). During this meeting of the General Assembly, we discussed the Special Political’s pre-voted resolution on Revisiting International Legislation Surrounding Stowaways. Thus, the delegates of all countries and committees got to debate one last time before saying goodbye to their new friends, new chairs, and new unforgettable MUN families.

As delegates, we will always keep this experience close to our hearts. It was one of those remarkable moments when everything felt exciting! From fighting for the interests of your country, to listening to hours of speeches, passing by learning the entire points and motions vocabulary, we soon realized it was all worth it and that we wouldn’t miss the next conference for the world!

Sincerely Yours,

the MUN family!